Jaylyn Hill


At a very young age, Jaylyn grew up with the concept of God in her home. She began attending church with her family at the age of 8, where she really began to hear the Gospel. At the age 13, she committed her life to Christ. By 19-years-old, she began serving in her youth ministry at her church, which helped provide clarity in what God wanted her to do. She began college soon after and began looking for ways to serve on her campus. Jaylyn became involved in Campus One80 at Monroe Community College after attending their weekly Bible study. She was able to get a feel of what the ministry was about and felt led to begin serving on their leadership team there in various ways.

Jaylyn is excited to intern with Campus One80 at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY, where she will be assisting with prayer group, mentoring students, and sharing Jesus with her peers.  She has a heart for her fellow students and wants to see their lives transformed with the Gospel of Christ.

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