Noah McClarin


Noah was appointed with Campus One80 in 2018 to serve as an intern at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York. His goal as a Campus One80 intern is to reach students at MCC with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, connect students with local churches, and act as an instrument of the Lord to help others grow their faith and spiritual walk with Him.

Noah’s ministry experience began in high school at New Beginnings Christian Fellowship in Brockport, NY. Noah often served with the youth band and was able to lead some Bible studies with the younger youth. After he turned 18, Noah left his family’s church because he felt the Lord’s calling to attend somewhere else. Noah now attends Northridge Church in Irondequoit, NY, where he serves as a small group leader for 6th grade boys. He is also starting an internship with the youth ministry this summer.

Growing up in a Christian home, Noah always practiced the religious aspect of Christianity. He told his friends about Jesus and tried to obey the “rules” in Christianity because he says, “I was scared of what might happen if I didn’t.” When he was 13, Noah’s family went through a rough patch, and he and his sister transferred from a city school to a school in the suburbs. God used this time in his life to help Noah realize that he didn’t have a real relationship with Him. Noah knew about God’s love but hadn’t let it change his heart. He obeyed God’s law because he was afraid of Him, not because he loved Him. After school one day, when he was home alone, Noah decided that he wanted to love and follow Jesus. He gave his life to Christ in his bedroom and was born again.

Noah feels blessed to be a part of the Lord’s Church and to be used in His good work in Rochester with Campus One80.

Noah grew up in a Christian home and attended New Beginnings Christian Fellowship. His family continues to faithfully serve at New Beginnings, where his father is a deacon. Noah currently attends Northridge Church and is active in serving in the youth ministry there.

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